Building Resilience in Breast Cancer Centre

BRiC Centre

BRiC aims to reduce anxiety and depression, and improve quality of life for women with a breast cancer diagnosis.


BRiC was founded by Nazanin Derakshan, who is a Professor of Experimental Psychopathology specialising in the cognitive neuroscience of anxiety and depression in the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading, UK.

BRiC has one Deputy Head: Ms Vickie Filby, and seven admin members: Jan Snape, Laura Ashurst, Kate Gowans, Lavinia Pollard, Marilyn Sworn, Jane Martin and Claire Edmonds.

We are all women with a diagnosis of primary or secondary breast cancer.

Watch our short video to learn about how our research helps women with breast cancer thrive!

BRiC’s Aims

BRiC aims to empower women with the resilience tools they need to manage anxiety and depression and protect against them. It improves quality of life using cutting edge neuroscience research. It’s main aim is to build resilience in better and more effective ways.

Resilience is the practice of adaptation, flexibility, and adjustment. When confronted with a life-threatening disease such as breast cancer, options become limited, priorities change, and we can struggle to adapt to our new ‘normal’. Learning the art of resilience can help us endure the emotional roller coasters, and manage our emotions more efficiently. Resilience builds on neuroplasticity: the brain’s ability to form new neural connections towards better cognitive and emotional health.

The Benefits of Our Research

BRiC leads the research on discovering new and better ways to practice resilience in women with either a primary or secondary breast cancer diagnosis. Our research is published in top international peer-reviewed journals as well as being showcased in media channels and breast cancer charities such as Breast Cancer Now.

Our Educational Support Network

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With around 2100 members, we are open to any woman with a diagnosis of breast cancer in the UK. We provide a secure platform to engage in interactive and guided discussions to promote resilience. We publish summaries of our weekly group discussions as BRiC’s Collective Voice.

Our Blog, Panning for Gold

We launched our award winning blog (top 10 breast cancer blogs 2020, as rated by @healthline), ‘Panning for Gold’ on World Cancer Awareness Day, 4th February 2016. It is a platform for BRiC’s Collective Voice as well as being open to any woman living in the UK who wants to share their story on breast cancer.

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